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Message From Osakis Principal, “You are safe at school, you are loved, and we’re proud of you today”

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Message from Mr. Schmidt, Osakis School

Osakis Principal, Shad Schmidt, delivered a video response on the bomb threat early this morning, September 23rd. The encouraging and heartfelt response delivers an extra layer of care for students in addition to the fast action by law enforcement, and emergency responders. He is proud of the reaction of the staff at the school and how students listened to their teachers during the emergency.

“You’re safe here. I want you to know you’re cared for. You’re loved. We love you, and you will be safe back here at school.” Schmidt also assures parents, “Parents I want you to know the staff did a wonderful job today accounting for every single student today when we had to evacuate the school.” Staff then contacted the parents, explaining that the students are safe first and then parents are notified.

If any student has any apprehensions about coming back to school, there are resources available to help support them.

“I’m proud of you…we’ll see you back in school in person tomorrow…and we’ll win the day!”