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May have to cancel camping plans…government shutdown looms close


Minnesota camping trips and other state services may have to be put on pause as budget disputes continue at the Capitol. Minnesota lawmakers have a little more than a week to complete a state budget or force a state government shutdown. Their deadline is June 30th. The Legislature has not yet passed a biennial budget for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. By law, if a new biennial budget is not enacted by June 30, 2021, parts of state government will be shut down.

Divides remain over emergency powers, eviction moratorium, Clean Cars

Walz and legislative leaders knew certain recent actions would be interpreted by some as evidence of stalled negotiations over the budget. State law requires 30-day notices be sent to state workers who could be laid off due to a shutdown, and there are other moves — such as slowing road projects and posting warnings on parks reservation sites — required before a shutdown would occur.

Other big issues that remain, including: Walz’s emergency powers; how to end the state’s eviction moratorium; GOP-pushed voting changes; and an administrative proposal to create what are called “Clean Car” emissions rules.

Walz says he hopes for a compromise.