Lil Nas X Was “100%” Confident That “Old Town Road” Would Be a Viral Hit

Lil Nas X tells The Los Angeles Times that when he wrote “Old Town Road,” he was certain it would become a viral hit he could ride till he can’t no more. “One hundred percent,” he says about his confidence in breaking big online. “When I was putting out music before ‘Old Town Road,’ I was using the internet heavily to promote [myself]…I was known for tweeting memes and stuff like that, and with ‘Old Town Road’ I decided to incorporate the song within those funny videos and test reactions. When you don’t have money, which I did not have, you have to use your best advantage, and that’s what I did.” He adds, “I knew the song was going to be something from the first time I heard the beat–not that it was going to become a worldwide song or break any records, but I knew it was special. I’d heard a lot of songs, but I’d never heard a song like this.”