Kris & Nik in the Morning

Hometown: So. St. Paul, MN
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: There’s so many! Keith Urban, Brantley Gilbert, and Garth have to be at the top!
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who take a drink before swallowing their food, I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does!  I’m weird!
The show I Love To Binge: Shark Tank, Pawn Stars, and Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dream Travel Destination: Key West! I’ve been there A LOT, but it never gets old!
Worst Trend I Ever Followed: Do I have to admit this?? Frosted tips…this was when I WAS 22 though…NOT last year!!  Go ahead and judge!
What Always Surprises People About Me: I tend to put my foot in my mouth A LOT!! So I apologize in advance!
Hometown: Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. However, both my great grandpas had farms in this area.
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: Watching home videos of Johnny Cash inside the house where he grew up was an amazing experience.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Animal hair… I like to wear a lot of black!
The show I Love To Binge: New Girl, Justified, Catfish and Intervention
Dream Travel Destination: New Zealand or Australia
Worst Trend I Ever Followed: Jean on Jean… just kidding, I’m still doing it!
What Always Surprises People About Me: I have an irrational fear of singing in public. I was also a synchronized swimmer.
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