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Kip Moore takes fans inside the studio in the video for his revisited “Crazy One More Time”

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MCA Nashville

Kip Moore‘s newest music video, for an updated version of his 2012 song “Crazy One More Time,” offers a peek behind the scenes into his artistic process. The video spotlights Kip and his band, each of them sitting at their instruments in a studio setting.

It’s an intimate video, to match a song with a long back story. Kip originally included “Crazy One More Time” on his debut album, Up All Night, but never released it to radio. However, it was a huge fan favorite, and continues to be a staple at his shows.

So, 10 years later, Kip finally decided to make a revisited version of the song a country radio single. He released the new version back in January.

“The initial idea for ‘Crazy One More Time’ came about after running into someone that I hadn’t seen in years, and someone that I had a lot of history with,” Kip explained when he put out the new version of the track.

“That’s kind of how I feel about this song right now, there is a history there, but now it has this new life sonically since we went back in the studio and recut it,” he continued. “This song has evolved over the years thanks to the fans.”

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