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Kane Brown says daughter Kingsley has “become my best friend”

M Kanebrownpressphoto 04272021
Matthew Berinato

For Kane Brown, 18-month-old Kingsley is as much his friend as she is his daughter. 

During an appearance on Lindsay Czarniak‘s podcast The Artist and The AthleteKane reveals that it took time for him to form a bond with his infant daughter, because she was at first more attached to his wife, Katelyn

“It hurt for the longest because…at the very beginning she just wanted her mom all the time. And then just recently, she started saying ‘dada’ with this whisper, which I love,” Kane says.  

Kingsley also enjoys playing outside and has made a habit out of saying “dada” every time he puts her down, raising her arms up “so I can’t say no,” Kane confesses.  

“She’s become my best friend and I’m just ready for her to get old enough so I can get her in the league,” he jokes with fellow podcast guest, Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler. “That’s my little girl. She’s my best friend.” 

Kane and Katelyn welcomed Kingsley in October 2019. She appears in his videos for “Worldwide Beautiful” and “Worship You.” 

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