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Janitor Caught Filiming Female Employees in Locker Room at Hospital


A janitor is accused of secretly filming women while they changed clothes inside a hospital’s locker room in Alexandria, Minnesota.

On Sunday, the Alexandria Police Department was called to Alomere Health for a report of an individual allegedly recording with a device in an employee locker room. After further investigation, it was determined that Corey Johns had placed a recording device in an employee locker room and was actively recording persons changing in that locker room. Johns was arrested for Interference With Privacy, Minnesota Statute 609.74, and arraigned in Douglas County District Court on Monday, May 8th, 2023.

The Alexandria Police Department has reportedly executed several search warrants, and a detective is processing the digital data to identify potential victims. They are working closely with Alomere Health as this case continues. If there are employees of the hospital that feel they may have been video recorded, officials are asking that you call the Alexandria Police Department and speak with a detective. After processing the data, authorities will be working to identify and contact any person that may have been recorded.

According to the criminal complaint, three women who work there told police they saw “a phone propped up by a shoe that was pointed at them where they were changing,” and it was recording.

In the complaint, police say Johns told officers, “I guess I don’t know how to put it, I’m just a sad human being.” And police say Johns also admitted to starting recording women in February and that he also recorded in the co-ed locker room.

The officer says he watched a video on Johns’ phone that showed a woman changing clothes, and then took him into custody.

Once he was brought to the Douglas County Jail, staff also found a pen in his possession that was also a recording device.

If convicted, Johns could spend a year in prison.