It’s Nice Out…But Keep Fires to a Minimum

According to a Minnesota DNR news release…even though we had a lot of snow and some rain this spring…there are still some burning restrictions in place.

“It’s easy to think all of this rain has saturated the ground enough to prevent a wildfire,” said Casey McCoy, the DNR’s fire prevention supervisor. “But even though the ground may be wet, the reality is grass, leaves, and pine needles dry surprisingly fast and become ideal fuel for a fire. ”Until foliage greens up, McCoy urges people not to burn debris piles. Escaped debris fires cause four of every 10 Minnesota wildfires each year. To prevent wildfires due to escaped debris burns, the DNR has issued burning restrictions in 44 counties. Always check the DNR’s statewide fire danger and current burning restrictions web page before burning.

Backyard campfires can be fun…but be safe!