Is “Walktailing” a Pandemic Drinking Trend That’s Built to Last?

With most Americans unable to sit down at a bar or hit the gym over the past two months, The New York Times reports that boozy multitaskers have been combining a leisurely pedestrian workout with happy hour by “walktailing” through their neighborhoods. One Texas woman, Pam LeBlanc, went so far as to put on a fancy dress and twirl through the streets of her Austin neighborhood, cocktail in hand, for 40 straight days as a “way of flipping off the coronavirus,” while one New York bond trader says, “It’s tough to keep my dog on his leash, hold my drink and bend down to pick up his poop.” Police are looking the other way in cities where drinking in public with an open container isn’t legal, while one Brooklyn (N.Y.) restaurant is selling nearly three times as many cocktails per day on a strictly to-go basis than when they were allowed to serve customers at the bar. “Whenever we have a Saturday that lines up with a sunny day, it’s like a full-on Brooklyn block party out here,” says the restaurant’s manager.