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Ichiro Girl! A Crazy Way to Meet Your Favorite Ball Player

The Seattle Mariners did a pretty cool throwback thing on Friday night.  They were kicking off Ichiro Weekend, to celebrate their great outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki, going into the Mariners’ Hall of Fame.

They allowed a young lady named Iris Skinner to throw out the first ball.  Back in 2010, she became known as “Ichiro Girl” when Ichiro’s glove swiped her face as he was attempting to catch a foul ball.  Here’s how it sounded on radio.  (Iris goes for the ball, not noticing that Irchiro is making contact with her.  He patted her leg to make sure she was okay, then she was extremely excited, saying to friends, “He touched me!  Oh my god.  I have to text my mom!”)

That clip went viral and has more than 6 million views.