I Brake For Turtles…(But Only When it’s Safe)

The Minnesota DNR sent a press release this morning on Turtles crossing the road.  Needless to say…it peaked my interest to read on…

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources …Turtles are crossing roads to nest this time of year. Motorists are asked to watch for them and, whenever possible, allow them to cross the road safely. Each year at this time, many female turtles move from lakes, ponds, wetlands, rivers and streams to nesting areas. They are looking for suitable locations to deposit their eggs. Many nesting areas are a significant distance from turtles’ wintering areas. As they attempt to cross roads, moving at a turtle’s pace, many are hit and killed by cars. Roadway mortality is believed to be a major factor in turtle population declines throughout the United States.

“Wildlife rehabilitators have noticed an increase this year in turtles brought in with cracked shells after being struck by cars,” said DNR herpetologist Carol Hall. “Turtles pre-date dinosaurs by millions of years, and they’ve outlasted them. But, if we want them to be around into the future, we should lend a hand.”


Click on the link below for some pointers on encountering and removing turtles from the roadway.



I’ve been known to pull over…put on the hazards and move the turtle off the road.  But…please ONLY do this if there isn’t any traffic coming in either direction.  Be Safe!