Kris & Chelsea

I Bleed Purple…but I Love A Packer’s Fan

baby ty

ty in purpleYou can’t always choose who you love…well actually you can to a point. But in this case, it’s unconditional. Every year the rivalry gets more intense as we take each football game to heart. I bleed purple and always will. I consider the Minnesota Vikings Family, a team that is welcomed in my home and on the airways at least once a week. Cheering their victories, hanging on to the edge of my seat, and feeling their losses.

The guy I love revels in their losses and feels pain during their triumph. (Notice he’s not smiling in the picture…he says because he’s wearing a Vikings Hat! Ha!)

My nephew, Ty, is a solid Packer backer. Green and Gold. I bought him a purple Farve Jersey as a baby in hopes to steer him in the right direction. But alas, he is all Go Pack Go! Recently he was ON THE FIELD in a once in a lifetime opportunity at US Bank Stadium, in a Suite right on the turf. MN Vikings vs. the NY Jets. He met players, got signatures and watched one heck of a game. Was it enough to sway his heart? We’ll see.

One thing we have in common is gold. Chels and Ty