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How to Make a Red Neck Yacht Club

red neck

Some take offense to the word red neck, but to me it just means you’re outside in the sun. You could be working, you could be mowing the lawn, you could be out on that boat all dang day. What’s so bad about that? Craig Morgan’s “Red Neck Yacht Club” is a hilarious, catchy parody that has been sung loud and proud from coast to coast. The music video is hilarious!

Growing up on the lakes, we’ve seen everything from a 300 hp Evinrude on a shiny bass boat to a “pontoon” complete with lawn chairs, a BBQ and a chain link fence so y’all don’t fall in. Now that is Red Neck, and yes it got first place in the 4th of July Boat Parade on Lake Darling. The owner proudly held up the trophy doing a victory lap while the American Flag waved in his other hand.

Recently, Kim Rollins (Hubbard North Events Manager-Master of Fun) and I quizzed each other on who would be on our Red Neck Yacht Club. Of course there are legit jobs on a yacht.

You’ve got the Captain: The yacht’s Captain is responsible for the safe manning and operation of the yacht and all crew members fall under his/her command.

First Officer/First Mate: Second in command on the yacht and reports to the Captain. Responsible for overseeing all deck operations and maintenance.

Cheif Engineer:  Responsible for the safe and efficient running of the yacht from a mechanical standpoint and reports to the captain.

Yacht Chef: The happiness of guests depends largely on the food and how creative and talented the Chef is!

And of course your deckhands, stewards, and the bosun.

We know when it’s all said and done, we’d probably find a sand bar, crack open the cold ones and all eventually come home with red faces and necks from sun and fun!

Bring your Red Neck Yacht Club to see Craig Morgan in Alexandria, June 25th!! We love to present our first ever Rev’d Up Country Fest right here in Alexandria. It’ll be an incredible night with food, drinks, dancing and good ole country music under the stars. Get your tickets now!

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