Here Are Some Of The Haunted Houses Around The Alexandria Area For October

Classic start to a great scary story or the perfect forecast to visit a Haunted House.

Kik Country has some of the best haunts around. Here’s some you and the crew might want to check out if you dare:

  • Henning Annual Haunted House, downtown Henning.


  • Fright Nights Haunted House in Glenwood.
    • Dates: Fridays and Saturdays through the month of October. 7pm-10pm in the basement of the old Glenwood High School 105 3rd Ave. NE
    • Cost $15.00 and Free Parking
    • A community trick or treat (non-scary) from 4-6pm. General public 7pm on Halloween, Oct.31st
    • More info:


  • Monster Manor in Sauk Centre at the Stearns County Fairgrounds
    • Dates: Oct. 18th & 19th and Oct. 25th & 26th 7pm-10pm
    • Cost: $10.00 per person. No one age 5 and under allowed
    • More Info:


  • Fear Factory in Wadena at the Wadena County Fairgrounds, 400 Ash Ave. NW.

Here’s my safety tips when visiting a Haunted House:

  • Check age restrictions!  Know how everyone in your crew reacts when they get scared. Example: I start laughing and stomp my feet. If you’re behind me, hope you are wearing steel toed boots.
  • Match up a tall person with a short person in case they are a screamer this will save your hearing.
  • Wear a heavy duty belt! You may have to pull someone along.
  • Don’t forget to pack a plushy like a teddy bear for the “Your squeezing me to tight!”.
  • Other than that Have fun and enjoy a good scare!