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Heinz is going after hot dog and bun companies, and we agree why!


Heinz Canada launched a petition on to force hot dog and bun companies to both sell in equal amounts.  They think ten-packs for both should be the new standard.

If anyone has some pull over the corporate giants who sell us our hot dogs and buns, it’s Heinz Ketchup.  And now they’re using that clout for GOOD.  Because this is something everyone agrees on . . .

Heinz Canada just launched a petition on to force companies to sell hot dogs and buns in EQUAL AMOUNTS.

Hot dogs tend to come in ten-packs, and buns usually come in eight-packs.  And they think ten should be the new standard for both.

For what it’s worth, there IS a reason behind the mismatch.  Hot dog companies started selling them in ten-packs in the 1940s, just because it’s a round number.

But bun companies sell eight-packs because the standard pan they’ve always baked them in fits four buns per row.

These days, they also have pans that fit five though.  So there’s no good reason THAT can’t be the new modern standard.

You can sign the petition by going to and searching for the “Heinz Hot Dog Pact.”  As of last night, it had about 15,000 signatures.  (CNET / Delish)  (Here’s a video Heinz posted about it.)