Free COVID-19 eVisit Screening Through Alomere Health

Alomere Health is currently offering free COVID-19 screening through its eClinic online virtual care.

They say, “If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) please visit and click on our eClinic option. Once you get to the eClinic page, begin your virtual visit and through the process you will have the option of selecting a
screening for COVID-19 as a free visit. An additional option is to call the Alexandria Clinic at 320.763.5123 and ask to have your
symptoms assessed.

We again advise everyone to practice the 4 ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19:
1. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, please isolate at home and connect with your health care provider.
2. Practice good social distancing, staying home when possible and maintaining a six foot separation from other when in a group.
3. Cover your cough and sneeze at all times.
4. Practice appropriate hand-washing at all times.”