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Fergus Falls Man Faces Charged with Murdering Autistic Boy


Charges have been amended after a Fergus Falls man admitted to assaulting an 11 year old autistic child on July 29th who then died August 7th. Reggie Charles Bethel, 56, is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter.

A criminal complaint stated the child suffered numerous injuries to his face including cuts and bruises, and severe injury to the back of his head. He was found unconscious by medical personnel. Bethel at first told them the child slipped in dog urine and fell, but later admitted that he had slammed the boy’s head numerous times against the wall out of frustration and kicked him several times when he was on the floor. The boy’s mother, who at first denied any abuse, later admitted that this was a common punishment for the boy. suffered a head injury. Bethel said that he had anger issues. Bethel remains in custody.