FDNY Rescues Passengers Stranded on Runaway Inflatable Swan Raft

The Fire Department of New York is crying “foul” after some dummies with a giant float shaped like a swan took their pool toy out on the East River. “At 3:39 p.m. today, FDNY Marine and land units responded to the East River at East 55th Street, Manhattan, for reports of multiple persons in the water,” the FDNY wrote on Instagram this week alongside a pic of their “float-tilla” in action. “FDNY rescued two persons from the water after their inflatable swan pool float was overcome by a fast moving current and was met with heavy marine traffic.” Firefighters add that the two victims were rescued safely and required no further medical attention. The FDNY also reminded people “to always take precautions when swimming or entering the water surrounding our city. Only enter the water where swimming is permitted and where lifeguards are on duty.” That may mean no swan diving–and definitely no swan floating.