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Family of Boy Thrown from Third Floor at MOA files Lawsuit


The family of a child who was thrown over a railing at the Mall of America is suing the mall, accusing the mall of negligence. 

On April 12th in 2019, the 5 year old was picked up and  thrown over the third-floor balcony railing by Emmanuel Aranda. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder.

In the family’s lawsuit, the man had been banned from the mall twice before for assaulting mall patrons, making threats and being combative. Aranda’s mother has said he’s long suffered from mental illness.

The child suffered extensive injuries, some even permanent, to his brain, face, limbs and organs. The family said the child’s medical bills have exceeded $1.75 million dollars. The Mall of America replied that this type of lawsuit was expected and they hope to resolve the matter in favor for all parties involved.