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Employees Stop Active Shooter at Boat Factory

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A 21 year old male is in custody after a shooting at the Lund’s Boat Factory in the city of New York Mills shortly after 7 AM on February 9, 2023. The lone suspect, a Lund employee, was in a verbal confrontation with another employee when he pulled a small caliber handgun and fired a round at the 31yr old male victim. The round did not strike the victim. The suspect chased the victim outside where the victim was able to get away. Another round was possibly fired while outside. The suspect was not allowed back into the building due to an employee holding the door restricting access. Another Lund employee made contact with the suspect outside and the suspect fled, but was caught and subdued by employees prior to law enforcement arriving. The suspect was taken into custody and was transported to the OTC Jail pending crimnal charges. Had in not been for the quick actions of Lund staff members, the outcome may have been much worse.