Driver Distracted By Pet, Vehicle Rolls Into Red River

Police say a person in Moorhead lost their vehicle after they were distracted by an animal and it rolled into the Red River. Moorhead Police said officers and fire crews were called to the Red River North Dam at about 5:50 p.m. Thursday. Officers saw the vehicle floating in the river for several minutes before it submerged, but upon searching the river, were unable to locate the car. Police said the driver of the vehicle had been distracted by a pet dog shortly before arriving and exited the vehicle without putting it in park. The driver jumped out of the vehicle to chase the dog that had escaped from the car. The car was unoccupied as it rolled down the hill and into the river. It floated downstream a quarter-mile before sinking. Officials said the says that the car was “fairly new” and was recently leased by the driver. No injuries were reported.

Car Rolls into the Red River in Moorhead On 9/19/19 at approximately 5:48 pm the Moorhead Police Department and…

Posted by Moorhead Police Department on Thursday, September 19, 2019