Douglas County says, Stop pushing your snow into a public road!

Stop pushing your snow into a public road!

The Douglas County Public Works Department says they are getting an unusually high number of complaint calls about snow being pushed onto roadways from people’s homes or businesses.

It does not matter if you are doing it from home or from a business, using a snowblower, plow or shovel, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from a driveway or sidewalk, it’s illegal.

That’s according to MN Statute 160.271.

“Township board members are calling, and our drivers are encountering dangerous ridges of snow on roads across the county,” says Highway Maintenance Superintendent Steve Johansen. “For the public’s safety we ask this stop immediately.”

Everyone must remove snow in a way that does not leave snow on the roadway or shoulder of a public road. Ridges of snow can freeze or blow and cause dangerous conditions on previously plowed roads.

If home or business owners have any questions or concerns, they may contact the Public Works Department at 320-762-2999.