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Disturbing Details in the Kidnapping of Pope County Toddler

Amber Alert

Disturbing details have been released of the kidnapping of a two year old from Pope County, last Thursday, March 17th. The toddler was taken from his bed in the early morning hours while his mother was working and family members were sleeping over watching him. K-9’s followed the boys scent and footprints from his bedroom window  to the driveway.  

The defendant, Victor Ramirez Alvarez age 22 of Big Lake, allegedly took the boy after trying to start an unsuccessful relationship with his mother. His boss called the tip in that led to the arrest of Alvarez. The toddler had been stashed in a friends garage in rural Stearns county according to the defendant. The full story is on our website. 

Alvarez is being held at $1 million dollar bail and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Deputies were sent to the home just before 4:30 a.m. on March 17, when the child’s mother called 9-1-1 and reported the boy missing. She told investigators that family members were caring for the toddler while she was at work, and discovered him missing when she got home around 2 a.m. The family searched the house and found a note, written in Spanish and English, asking for forgiveness for taking the child, “indicating that there was a prior plan to do so,” the complaint says.Deputies began searching the scene and located footprints outside the boy’s bedroom window. K-9s followed the child’s scent from the residence to the driveway, but lost it on the street.

When questioned by investigators the mother told them of a man she knew as Benigno Alvarez (later identified as the suspect, Victor Ramirez Alvarez) who was very fond of her son. She said Ramirez would give them rides, hug her son, buy him things and take photos with him. She also told investigators that Ramirez wanted to date her but she had refused. He allegedly knew the layout of the home and where the boy slept as he had been there before to give them rides. 

The boys clothes were found at Ramirez home, but no sign of the boy. The manager where Ramirez worked called 911 when they heard the Amber Alert, stating the defendant said he was going to bring his child to visit. Ramirez was located in his truck with no sign of the boy. A woman then called 911 when she found the toddler in her garage in rural Stearns County, sitting in his booster seat. The boy is back home safe with his mother.