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DiGiorno Is Selling a “Thanksgiving Pizza” That Might Not Be Nasty

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This month, DiGiorno is selling a Thanksgiving Pizza, and the world is divided. Would you eat this?

It’s…interesting. And might be a new trend for all of those Thanksgiving leftovers…maybe?

DiGiorno is selling a Thanksgiving Pizza, which features:  Turkey, gravy sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, mozzarella, cheddar, and some kind of “crispy onion topping.”  All that is piled on a thick “Detroit-style crust.”

Judging by the responses online, people are optimistic that it WON’T taste disgusting.

The pizzas are not in stores.  You’ll have to order them online.  DiGiorno is releasing a “limited” number of them every Wednesday through Thanksgiving, starting TODAY.  Each one will cost $11.23.