Eric Grant

Did Our Ultrasound Tech Spoil The Gender?

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So my beautiful bride and I are expecting another bundle this week. I’m in the middle of “we are old pro’s at this” and “so unbelievably excited” again. But a couple of weeks, a touch of the excitement MIGHT have been pulled away from us.

I was able to attend one of my wife’s appointments a couple weeks back. This was a rare instance as we have 4 kids at home and I was usually there with them while she went to her check-ups. My mother-in-law was able to watch the other 4 so I could go with and it was new and eye-opening. Not only was it in a new city, which meant new OB, staff and… Ultrasound techs.

So, cliffs notes version. Laying down, jelly on bump and 2 techs in the room with us. One a seasoned vet and the other… yep, a student. First of the basic questions, do you have other kids, how old are they, are they excited, et cetera, et cetera. Then we get to the main course: “Do you know what you’re having?” “Nope!” “Oh, we love surprises too!” We were told they ask so they know not to look all that close to the “revelation area” as to not slip up. 3 of us were listening to that. The student may have been focusing elsewhere.

As the student was in the middle of the ultrasound I thought I caught a slight reference to a specific gender. My brow furrowed and I look at the supervising tech. Her friendly eyes turned to more of a serious look. I didn’t think much of it, until after the appointment when my wife asked me: “Did you hear her say _____?” Yeah… I think so.

I was hoping I was just hearing things but deep down I believe we heard what we heard. 36-37 weeks of not knowing and then the air seemingly is let out of the balloon. Don’t get me wrong, as cliché as it sounds, yes, all I want is for mamma and baby to be healthy but there are limited times in our life where we get to experience a truly joyful surprise no matter the outcome. I guess we will find out this week if she was right or not…