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Delta Flight Delayed 3 Hours…BEEcause of this


You’ve heard of flights being delayed or canceled for ridiculous reasons . . . but THIS sounds like something out of a movie!!

A Delta flight from Houston to Atlanta was delayed for THREE HOURS on Wednesday . . . because there were BEES on the tip of one of the wings.

To be fair, it was a huge swarm covering the wing. You could barely see beneath them. It’s unclear why they were there, but Delta wouldn’t allow the plane to board until the bees were gone.

The best part is the “live commentary” by one passenger who gave the play by play.

A passenger named Anjali LIVE-TWEETED the situation from the terminal.  She started off by suggesting that the bees might fly away themselves when the plane took off ,  but apparently Delta didn’t agree.  Here’s her blow-by-blow:

1.  The gate agent says they’re bringing in a bee keeper.

2.  Bee keeper cancels . . . they’re “not allowed to touch airplanes.”

3.  They’re going to call pest control.  Sadly, the bees may be killed?

4.  The bees will be spared!  Pest control can’t spray planes.

5.  Captain says they’re looking for a hose to spray them off, but can’t find one.

6.  Captain says the fire department can’t come . . . he doesn’t know why not.

7.  Gate agent announces they DON’T have another, bee-free plane to sub-in.

8.  Grounds crew tries to blow exhaust from a vehicle onto the wing tip.  Bees were not impressed.

9.  Anjali Tweets, “Wish you could hear people here on the phone . . . trying to explain . . . why our flight is delayed.”

10.  Flight crew leaves.  Delta seems to be throwing in the towel, and gives the gate to another flight . . . meaning the passengers are stuck for now.

11.  They turn on the plane to move it out of the gate . . . and ALL THE BEES LEAVE.  Yes, all they had to do the whole time is turn on the plane’s engine, and the bees would buzz off.  (???)

12.  The bee plane moves to another gate.  The bee passengers are told to meet the plane at that gate.  The plane takes off three hours late and makes it to Atlanta safely and bee-free.