Daylight Saving Time Could Increase Risk of Heart Attacks & Strokes

More and more health experts are suggesting a return to permanent standard time because of the health risks associated with Daylight Saving Time, according to The Wall Street Journal. Research has found up to a 15 percent increased risk of having a heart attack in the first few days after going into Daylight Saving Time. “It’s a preventable cause of cardiac injury,” one doctor said. Studies also show a higher risk for strokes and atrial fibrillation in the days following the change in times. There is also some evidence that changing over to Daylight Saving Time brings higher risks for car accidents, as well as depression and suicide. “Daylight-saving time means that we virtually live in another time zone without changing the day-light cycle,” said another expert. “The problem is the misalignment. The circadian clock is trying to optimize our physiology. Now suddenly we have to do things which are not at the biologically appropriate time. It’s a general stress of the physiology.”