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Dalton Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Law Enforcement Officers

Derrick Sundeen, Otter Tail County Mug Shot

otter tail county sheriff's officeAt approximately 7:00 pm on Friday, September 3rd the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office sent out a Smart911 emergency alert indicating law enforcement was responding to a stand off  incident and asked residents to stay indoors. Derrick Sundeen, age 38 from Dalton, was arrested after firing at several officers during an hour and 15 minute long standoff southwest of the town. He had rolled his vehicle while intoxicated. A DNR officer arrived to help and that’s when Sundeen opened fire on the officer. Other agencies were called in including the Otter Tail SWAT team and a negotiator. They were able to take him down with less than lethal ammunition and minimal injuries. He is being charged with attempted murder, assault and DWI.

 A second alert was sent about an hour later clearing the need to stay indoors. While targeted for an isolated area of the county, the Sheriff’s Office has learned that the alert was received by individuals in other areas of the county. The county has reached out to the vendor to identify the reason for this error and work with them to implement steps to prevent future similar occurrences.