Kris & Chelsea

Customer Not Always Right? Be Kind to Restaurant Staff


Local restaurants post on FB after getting reemed out by a few customers for not having online ordering available. The confrontations went beyond being annoyed to straight up belligerent behavior, disrespect and hostility. Offda. We can do better.

I get it. You’re hungry. You’ve had a long week, day, month, year. You don’t want to wait. Restaurants had to adapt big time during the pandemic as they navigated rules, precautions and safety protocols. One great thing – ordering online. How great to be sitting at home or boat or back deck and hop on your phone to order food without talking to anyone. You pay online, and then you roll up in about 30 minutes. Bada bing, bada boom, you’ve got food.

We’ve gotten a little spoiled. This theory works great when there is no indoor dining or few tables. However, when everything opened back up…now we’ve got an issue. Restaurants, with hand crafted menu items, customizations with multiple courses and a full bar were never meant to be fast food. The math doesn’t math. Not to mention staffing shortages.

So, that being said. When a restaurant does not offer “ordering online”…they know it’s not convenient. But they’re doing their best.