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Conserve Energy to Protect the Grid


The Otter Tail Power company says that If summer temperatures continue to rise, utilities and customers likely will need to work together to help ensure grid stability. Otter Tail Power may ask customers to conserve energy more frequently and could use controlled service interruptions up to an hour at a time.


How customers can partner with electric utilities and neighbors

Here are a few things customers can do to help:

  • Use only necessary lights and turn them off when leaving a room.
  • Turn off and unplug electronics not in use.
  • Use fewer electrical appliances.
  • Turn air-conditioning thermostats up a few degrees.
  • Keep window coverings closed during the day.
  • Delay unnecessary laundry and dishwashing, and only run full loads.
  • Consider serving cold sandwiches or a salad for evening meals.
  • Postpone taking a shower until later in the evening.