Coffee Company Will Pay You $5K, Set You Up in Castle to Be a “Coffee Queen”

The coffee company Gevalia Kaffe is offering the public a unique, one-week opportunity to serve as “coffee queen,” UPI reports. Gevalia says the winning applicant will be paid $5,000, and will be flown to Scotland to live for the week in Carlowrie Castle, with a full compliment of servants including a chef and a butler. The winner will also be given an additional $2,000 in spending money to use during the week. “Gevalia believes a queen is anyone who transforms into the most confident version of themselves after that first cup of coffee — they speak their minds, are self-aware, and aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves,” the company said. Any one interested can apply for the position by submitting a 250-character mini essay describing why they are the right person for the job.