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Update: Postponed Clean Up for Maple Lake


Update, June 13th, 2022: Due to high winds, the clean up will be postponed to next week. No clean up June 14th. More details to come.

Materials that are in the water of the lake will be removed if it is feasible to do so with the equipment available.  Materials/items will not be removed if they meet the following:

  • If the item or material is on land above the water.
  • If the item or material extends from land above the water (i.e.; dock, boat tied to shore, fallen tree)
  • If the item is clearly identifiable as belonging to an adjacent property owner or ownership of the item can be identified (watercraft #)

Debris will be removed from the lake by DNR and Lake Service Provider Crews and transported to the north Public Water Access (PWA) on Maple Lake.  At this access, dumpsters will be staged and DNR and Douglas County staff will be accepting the materials and sorting them into the appropriate dumpsters.  Materials will be sorted as follows:

  • Construction and demolition (C&D) waste
  • Mixed municipal waste
  • Recyclable metals
  • Reusable or reclaimed items (dock decking, whole items)
  • Tree materials

As dumpsters fill, they will be hauled away and replaced.  Tree and branches will be transported to the staging area at the Duininck Gravel Mine.  Some items retrieved from the lake may also be recovered by property owners or reused, such as swim platforms, dock decking, or other items.  These items will be set aside for a short time to allow property owner to reclaim them prior to disposal.

Property owners should mark their property that is in the lake that they may intend to keep.  Boats should be docked or tied to land, lifts and docks should either extend from their property or be tied to the property.  It may also be helpful if they label large items that are theirs with a name or to note “Do Not Remove” or “Not Refuse”.