Chase Bryant Opened Up About His Attempted Suicide in 2018

Chase Bryant - Photo Cred People

In 2018, CHASE BRYANT was in a very dark place, and decided to take his own life.  He put six bullets in a revolver and pulled the trigger.  He felt himself drift off into a daze, only to wake up in the same place.  He checked the gun and the chamber that was supposed to hold the bullet that would take his life, was empty.

In an interview with PeopleCHASE BRYANT opened up about his suicide attempt back in 2018.  He also released a video where he talked about how he got to that point, what saved him, and how he’s back doing what he loves best.

Even though his career was doing fine back then, he was torn-up inside.  Quote, “I was chasing success . . . I wasn’t chasing happiness.  I was trying to be something I wasn’t.  I was just being who they told me to be.

“I was a confused individual.  Cocky, arrogant.  I’d look at myself in the mirror and see somebody I didn’t know.  That led me down a dark hole, for a long time.  I knew what I needed to do.  And at the time, what I needed to do was just peace out.  That was it.”

So he wrote a “very long suicide note” and then drove to a gas station so his parents wouldn’t be the ones to find him.  Quote, “I put six bullets in a .357 revolver.  And I said, ‘God, if you’re real, and you’re listening to me, I need help.’

“I didn’t get the ‘God coming down from the skies in front of me’ picture that I thought I was gonna get.  So, as loud as I could scream it I said, ‘I’m sorry’ . . . and I pulled the trigger.  And I swore it was all over.”

What happened next was almost spiritual.  He felt himself traveling.  He was hearing and seeing things in a whole new way.  He came to terms with the fact that he’d been mistreating people, and realized he could be a much better person if he tried.

Quote, “And when I woke up from this daze, I was sitting in the same place where I started.  And I opened the gun, and there were five bullets in it.”  The chamber that was supposed to hold the bullet that would take his life, was empty.

That was the sign he needed.  He checked into Rolling Hills Hospital, a psychiatric and substance abuse treatment center in Tennessee.  And he’s telling his story because he hopes to inspire others who are in a bad place to get the help they need.

Best of all, he’s recording music.  There’s a new album on the way called “Upbringing”, and the title track drops Friday.  He also closes the video by playing a little bit of the song.