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Governor Walz Issues 2-Week “Stay Home” Order

Hopefully you aren’t already going stir-crazy at home, because your stay is about to be extended. Governor Tim Walz has issued a “stay home”order, extending from March 27th through April 10th, urging Minnesotans not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. The governor said based on scientific modeling, if no mitigation were put into place, Minnesota’s worst-case scenario could be …

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Typos in Your Online Dating Profile Make You Less Attractive, Study Finds

If you’re on the market, make sure your spell check is working. Dating-site users rank others as less attractive when there are typos in their profiles, a new study finds.  “Inattentiveness can be interpreted as a lack of effort,” the study’s author explains. “This is likely to be perceived as unattractive.” The good news is, most of your fellow online daters …

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