Campaign aims to assist COVID-impacted fitness businesses while helping residents find a fitness fit!

happy father looking at cheerful son and exercising with dumbbells
happy father looking at cheerful son and exercising with dumbbells

In an effort to aid businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce has created a new “Try It” campaign to tie in with a new Get Healthy Alexandria campaign being rolled out by Horizon Public Health.
The “Try It” program allows residents to pick up coupons to participating fitness facilities so they can make an appointment with someone at that facility to learn more and to try it out free of charge. “The goal of this program is really two-fold,” said Tara Bitzan, Executive Director of the Alexandria Chamber. “First, we are trying to help businesses that were significantly impacted by closures and reduced capacity requirements. But we are also trying to connect people in the community who currently don’t belong to a fitness program to one that is right for them. We have so many incredible fitness options locally! Often, walking through the door the first time is the hardest part. We are here to help with that and we hope it will be a win in regards to helping these businesses through this challenging time, but also a win in trying to help individuals find the perfect fitness fit for them as they strive for a healthier lifestyle.”
The program will run now through April 30. Individuals can stop by the Chamber office at 206 Broadway in Alexandria or call 320-763-3161 to obtain a Try It coupon to any of the following – Alexandria Area YMCA, Vital Fit, Empower Boxing, Snap Fitness, Knute Nelson Wellness Center, Noonan Sport Specialists, Curves, Club E-Fit or Cutting Edge Pilates. Use your coupon to make a free, no obligation appointment at the ones you would like to try. If you find one that is a fit, you can work with the business directly from there. For more information, call the Chamber at 320-763-3161.