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Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne shares battle with anxiety before making ‘Skeletons’

Brothers Osborne

John Osborne of Brothers Osborne is opening up about his experience with anxiety. 

The singer and guitarist, who’s one-half of the duo alongside brother T.J. Osborne, reveals that before heading into the studio to make their 2020 album, Skeletons, he dealt with severe anxiety that almost drove him to leave the music business. 

“Going into this record, I considered quitting music, which is something I never in my life thought I would want to do,” he explains on CBS Sunday Morningrevealing that he was highly depressed, couldn’t sleep and his anxiety was “through the roof.” 

The brothers ended up retreating to their small fishing hometown of Deale, Maryland. After entering therapy and relying on support from friends and family, John was “able to get to a better place so we could finish the album,” he remarks.   

Additionally, T.J. came out as gay in February, saying he was overwhelmed by the “incredible” amount of support he received from fans and the Nashville community. The duo is now looking ahead to a brighter future for the genre. 

 “Country for the longest time was a pretty narrow lane, what it needed to sound like, what it needed to look like, and that’s slowly starting to change,” T.J. describes. 

“I have never in my life been more proud to be a part of country music than I am today,” John declares, adding that the artistry of the genre is “incredible. …It’s only going to get better the more people we allow to do it.”

Brothers Osborne recently dropped their new single off Skeletons, “I’m Not For Everyone,” which they performed during Sunday’s ACM Awards.

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