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Boy Injured: Accident in Child Pick Up Area

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A five year old boy was hit by a car in the YMCA Parking lot in Alexandria yesterday evening. Amanda Dahmes, age 34, of Carlos was driving in the child pick up area. She remained on scene and was cooperative with authorities after the accident.

In a statement she said, “My cell phone was in my purse. No distractions out of the norm (kids buckling up). The child was in a place that couldn’t be seen. Parents can speak for themselves but in my opinion it was not anyone’s “fault”.  Accidents happen. And the Y parent pick up area is a mess. Its been an issue for a long time. We need change to keep others safe. Please pray for this sweet boy and his family. I have no words.”

The boy was alert and conscious when brought to Alomere Hospital, and later was transferred to Children’s Hospital in the Twin Cities.  The parent’s shared on Facebook that he is resilient and fighting to heal.

The crash remains under investigation.