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Be a Firefly Guiding Breast Cancer Survivors!

Photo Cred: Firefly Sisterhood
FIREFLY3As if the pandemic hasn’t been isolating enough, imagine having to go through breast cancer too. Now you’re fighting a deadly disease and in some instances, isolated from friends and family who can help ease your fear and anxiety.
Twin Cities based Firefly Sisterhood is seeing this problem firsthand. In fact, since the pandemic started, the organization has seen a 30% increase in requests for support.
That’s why the stakes this October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, are greater than they’ve ever been.
For seven years now The Firefly Sisterhood has been providing women experiencing breast cancer with a key element in their battle: guidance and knowledge from another woman who has been in their shoes. Firefly Sisterhood pairs Minnesota women who are fighting breast cancer with a volunteer peer mentor (Guide) who has been through treatment, surgery, or reconstruction. Guides provide emotional support, insight, education and most importantly, hope, to women after they’ve heard those 4 devastating words: you have breast cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Check out this amazing local organization. We spoke with Amy Gallagher, Executive Director of The Firefly Sisterhood to talk about the pandemic’s impact on breast cancer patients and how survivors can use The Firefly Sisterhood’s resources or lend their experience to navigate the disease. 
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  • Breast cancer survivors interested in mentoring other women impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis, can have a HUGE impact. Amy can offer details on this option for getting involved. More info here:
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Let’s support women who are in the battle of a lifetime AND provide them the strength and inspiration to become a survivor.