Nik Knight

4,000 Americans Are Injured Each Year While Using Cellphones

According to a new Rutgers study, up to 4,000 Americans are injured each year while using cellphones. “So many of these injuries happen because people are distracted,” study co-author Boris Paskhover told UPI. “Maybe they were looking at their phones while they were driving or walking down the street. That’s how accidents happen.” The plastic surgeon added, “I’ve had patients …

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Michigan Foster Child Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to His Adoption Ceremony

A kindergartener in Michigan is capturing hearts after he invited his entire class to his adoption hearing on Thursday. Michael Clark Jr. has spent the past year living with foster parents Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton before he was officially made their child in a Kent County courtroom. Everyone from his class at Wealthy Elementary in East Grand Rapids was on hand …

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Dog Starts Kitchen Fire by Turning on Microwave

On Monday in Essex County, England, firefighters responded to a house fire that they soon discovered was caused by a Husky dog that had inadvertently turned on the microwave. Unfortunately for the pooch, a package of bread rolls was inside the machine and caught fire. Thankfully, the dog was not injured and the homeowner was not home. “Our advice is …

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