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Anthony Michael Hall says ‘The Class’ is ‘The Breakfast Club’ for a new generation


Anthony Michael Hall is no stranger to coming-of-age films.

He starred in several of John Hughes’ classics back in the ’80s, everything from Pretty in Pink to Weird Science, but who could forget about his iconic role in The Breakfast Club? Hall reflected on its legacy as he told ABC Audio about The Class, a new movie he hopes will capture the resonance of his 1985 smash-hit.

“It’s a reimagining, if you will, of The Breakfast Club,” Hall said. “In this case, it’s six kids instead of five. Some of them are dealing with alcoholism. One of the kids is dealing with issues of sexuality and coming out. One of them is dealing with violence at home.”

The Class is a direct homage to The Breakfast Club: it centers on a group of students who are stuck together at school on a Saturday as they retake an exam. Hall plays the school’s assistant principal, working alongside another ’80s icon, Debbie Gibson, who plays the teacher administrating the exam.

“She’s wonderful,” Hall said. “I think audiences will be really surprised, pleasantly surprised when they see her work, because she’s really great. Just real. She’s got a realness to her which cuts through in her role.”

And while it’s hard to believe it’s been 37 years since The Breakfast Club was in theaters, Hall says he’s had a long time to think about the effect of the film and why it’s remained relevant.

“I think, in large part, it’s like group therapy for people,” Hall said. “We hope the same kind of connectivity happens. We want this film to reach young audiences. And I think it’s a very healthy transition to take the structure with The Breakfast Club and reapply it to a new generation.”

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