Another Reason to Not Pay for Gas at the Pump

Scammers have been using skimmers at gas pumps to steal credit card info for a while now, but lately, they’ve gotten even more brazen and sophisticated, which is why Lifehacker suggests that you never pay for gas at the gas pump. Visa recently issued a warning about a new scam, where hackers send phishing emails to gas station workers. Once compromised, they can then get access to your card info when you insert it at the pump. Even if your card has a chip, gas stations have until next year to convert their pumps over to chip card readers, so that chip may not actually be used for the transaction. The outlet says your best option is to go inside to pay, and use the chip reader there. If you do have to pay at the pump, never use a debit card, because if you get scammed, it’ll take forever to get your money refunded: Credit cards generally offer better fraud protection.