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Alomere Responds to Healthcare Staffing Shortages

staffing shortage
Photo: Alomere Health

Alomere health of Douglas County is responding to the national staffing crisis- including hiring a recruitment specialist and launching a new website in 2022. With the added pressure of COVID hospitalizations, the overtime hours requested of the remaining staff is causing exhaustion and burnout. They’re asking you to spread the word for this opportunity to make a difference.


YOU CAN HELP- Kaitlin Shali

Spread the word.

“Our care team family and local community is amazing, so don’t keep it a secret! Consider referring your friends and family to Alomere Health if they are looking for a more meaningful career. Ask them to click the “Careers” page at AlomereHealth.com to view all of our open positions.”

Share the love.

“Liking and sharing social media posts boosts our reach online. Go even further and leave a 5-star review on Google (Alomere HealthAlexandria Clinic) and Facebook (Alomere HealthAlexandria Clinic).

Thank you in advance for helping us bring world-class care to West Central Minnesota!”