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All aboard: COVID-delayed ‘Disney’s Jungle Cruise’ to premiere in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on July 30

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Dwayne Johnson, the star and producer of Disney’s Jungle Cruise, took to social media to announce that the upcoming film, starring himself and Emily Blunt, will finally debut in theaters — and on Disney+ Premier Access — on Friday, July 30.

“I’ve got the mic drop announcement of mic drop announcements,” Johnson said from his massive home gym, the “Iron Paradise.”  “The epic adventure event of the summer that you’ve been waiting for is coming to you guys around the world.”

The movie is just one of many that saw its release dates delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was initially supposed to hit theaters on October 11, 2019, before being moved to July 24, 2020. However, as the pandemic continued to spread, the decision was made to pull it from the 2020 slate entirely.

Johnson noted, “Now that we are coming out of COVID slowly, we gotta own this rebound…live the life we want to live.” But he made sure to add that the film’s streaming option give fans “the unique opportunity to let everyone watch the movie the way they want to watch the movie.”

In the film, Johnson plays wisecracking riverboat skipper Frank Wolff, who is hired by Blunt’s scientist, Dr. Lily Houghton, to find a mysterious tree with unparalleled healing abilities. The trip sees the unlikely pair teaming up for what Johnson called “the adventure of a lifetime.”

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