Alexandria Public Schools Residents Approve School Funding Request

Voters approved the Alexandria Public Schools (APS) request for additional school funding through an operating levy, 60% yes to 40% no (*unofficial results: 4,159 yes votes, 2,816 no votes).

From the press release:

The operating levy will be phased-in over three years: $375 per student in the 2020-21 school year, $485 per student in 2021-22, and $595 per student in 2022-23 through 2029-30. Operating levies provide critical funding support for classrooms, instruction and other operating costs. The request to voters was in response to state funding that has not kept pace with inflation, special education costs that are not fully reimbursed, and increasing educational costs that exceed available revenue.

“We are incredibly grateful to our residents for approving our funding request,” said Superintendent Julie Critz. “This was a critical vote for our students, our staff, and our community, as we work to maintain the quality of education our students deserve and our families expect. We know that strong schools make strong communities. Thank you to our school district residents for investing in the future of our students and our community.”

The additional funding will help: Maintain or reduce class sizes. Continue with specialist teachers in elementary, such as music, art and science. Expand mental health support. Maintain or expand real world work experiences at middle and/or high school.  Provide more financial stability

This was APS’s first operating levy request in 15 years. Even with this levy authority, APS’s per- student voter-approved levy amount will be in the lower half of neighboring districts.

More background on the referendum request is available at