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Alexandria Man Charged with Felony Assault over upside down flag

stand off

An Alexandria man was found guilty of felony assault. The incident was caught on video by KIK-FM last summer on August 18th, 2020. Eric Cornett noticed a white truck driving with an upside down American flag and was upset, he closely followed the truck for several blocks.

judd hoff
Judd Hoff mugshot

When the both came to a stop on Fillmore Street, he approached the vehicle, driven by Judd Hoff also of Alexandria, ripped the flag off and started to walk away with it. The confrontation got ugly when Hoff got out of the truck with a machete and went after Cornett. Cornett had made it back to his vehicle and turned a gun on Hoff. The Douglas Sheriff Office responded to the scene, seeing Hoff with his knife and Cornett holding him at bay with his gun. Both cooperated with law enforcement and neither were hurt. Hoff was running for the District 206 school board at the time.