Airbnb Prices Sky Rocket in Minneapolis for Final Four Weekend

It looks like some people that rent out their homes through Airbnb are looking to cash in on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four this weekend in Minneapolis!

I’m sure many hotels are at a premium price…but raising your price from $175 per night to $2100 per night during the tournament seems a bit extreme.  Here’s what an email we got from AirbnbWATCH this morning had to say:

“The report reveals rates for many Airbnb listings, increasing by hundreds of dollars per night during this year’s March Madness – Final Four Tournament.  These findings are similar to those released weeks ago relating to Mardis Gras in New Orleans, LA.  An Airbnb rental in Minneapolis, which is normally rented for $175 per night, was being advertised for $2,100 per night during March Madness – Final Four.  A typical three-night stay at that apartment would cost a total of $756, but the same length of stay during March Madness – Final Four would cost more than $7,700.”   

Here are some other examples of massive increases in Minneapolis for the upcoming tournament.  
A 5th Street Flat near the Stone Arch Bridge and Downtown jumped 2,135%.  Normally it rents out for $85 per night but during the tournament it’s listed as $1900 per night!  
If you’d like a view of (frozen?)Calhoun Lake…you can get a guest house at a bargain price of $1000 per night.  That’s only $805 more per night than usual!
Maybe we could rent out rooms at the radio station and have a shuttle to the games!  Sounds like extra money to me!  🙂