“Aggressive” Rats on the Rise Due to Restaurant Shutdowns, CDC Says

Move over, Pizza Rat! The CDC said Thursday that rats are getting more aggressive as food becomes harder for them to find thanks to restaurant shutdowns. “Some jurisdictions have reported an increase in rodent activity as rodents search for new sources of food,” they say. “Environmental health and rodent control programs may see an increase in service requests related to rodents and reports of unusual or aggressive rodent behavior.” They’re also advising homeowners to secure garbage cans and seal up any gaps that may lead into their residences, as rats can “squeeze through a hole the size of a half dollar.” Last month, the owner of Chicago-based Crow Pest Control Inc. told The Chicago Tribune, “Rats have a hierarchy and they’re very territorial. As they look for food, people are noticing them more. Rats carry disease and they’re very unsightly, so it’s a big thing. People are wanting to take steps to keep rats away from their homes.”