9 of the Funniest “Florida Man” Headlines of 2019

As is true of any news outlet in the Sunshine State, The Tallahassee Democrat published some hilarious “Florida Man” stories in 2019. Below are nine of the most amusing; click on the link for many more (and links to the stories themselves):
  1. Young alligator beaten, given cigarette on video; Florida man arrested
  2. Florida man accused of giving beer to an alligator
  3. Florida woman uses machete to save venomous coral snake from cat
  4. Florida man pleads guilty to killing sawfish by removing extended nose with power saw
  5. Florida man brings drugs to a drug bust, gets himself busted
  6. Florida man masturbated outside Walmart, grabbed deputy’s rear end
  7. A Florida man called the sheriff’s office to report stolen marijuana. The deputy’s response: “Stop calling”
  8. Florida couple had sex in the back of a police car after DUI arrests
  9. Florida man parks Smart Car in kitchen so Hurricane Dorian won’t blow it away