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9-11 Veteran Walking over 450 miles for 20th Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks


A local non profit kicked off an incredible way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9-11. Life GR supports thousands across the nation, including local first responders, military and veterans. The founder is walking over 450 miles for the next thirty days to raise money.  Sgt. Jesse Johnson-Brower, who was at the Pentagon when it was hit by one of the fateful airplanes, will be making his first steps from ground zero today in New York City. His journey will average 20 miles a day until he reaches the Pentagon on September 11th. KIK FM will be following his journey and honoring this Anniversary in support of all our local First Responders, Military and Veterans.

In this morning’s interview, we spoke with Jesse as he was walking, making his way from New York into New Jersey! He explains why he is doing this and how he started the Life GR non profit.