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5 People Arrested and Charged in Enbirdge Line 3 Incident


Five people from out of state were arrested last Friday in Wadena County. Law enforcement responded to an incident on the Enbridge Line 3 project. Several individuals had broken into the construction site around 4 am. After breaching the fence surrounding the site, four people chained themselves to construction equipment, a 5th was apprehended on scene. Randy Navarette 31 from Utah, Caleb Schwarts 23 of New York, Jole Atkinson 31 of Ohio, Clair Pryor 23 of Oregon and Sara Contreras 24 of California were all arrested. They face charges of Felony Theft, Gross Misdemeanor of Trespassing, and Unlawful Assembly. They have since posted bail and have been released from custody. The Wadena County Sheriff, Michale Carr credits his staff and numerous other law enforcement agencies for resolving the incident without further criminal activity or damage.